Papercraft Basics

If you’ve trawled all the blogs, YouTube Videos and websites about paper crafting, then you are probably overwhelmed by the different tools and products available. You may even be thinking that this is far too complicated and expensive a hobby. But don’t despair! Paper crafting needn’t be either.

You can start with a very basic tool kit – as with all things, you get what you pay for, but if you are just wanting to dip your toe into the world of paper craft, then start cheap (you can always upgrade later if you get truly bitten by the bug lol).

Cardmaking is one of the easiest forms of Papercraft. Start with:-

Paper Trimmer (preferably at least A4 in size)
Scissors – a large pair is best as they are the most versatile
Adhesive – you’ll want a liquid glue as well as some double sided tape
Card stock in a selection of colours
Stickers and Peel-Offs in a range of designs and texts
Ribbons can add a splash of colour and texture very quickly
Don’t forget the envelopes! C6 is a good size to start with.

Obviously there are lots of other products you can add later, but you should be able to create some lovely cards quite cheaply with these basics.

Watch out for some samples made with these basics coming soon!


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